Winter Mornings With Him

It’s mind-blowing to think about the multitude of animals that exist in this world.

Nights in the monsoon or summer Sundays were becoming more of a routine with us. I did hear the boys’ night gossip about a surprise wake up call, maybe it was time to find out what it was all about. After having spent a few delightful seasons with him, everything we had was more like a known paradise. Paradise no doubt.
There was a chill in the air that morning, the alarm rang for the third time as did the coffee maker. He snoozed it yet again and held on to the blanket rather tightly. Taking that as my cue, I pulled him closer, wrapped his arms around me and snuggled him in the most fulfilling way ever. So lost in the laze-mode, he barely managed a reaction. I turned towards him and reached to his neck, kissing him passionately enough for him to want this to go on forever.
I felt his arms clutch on to my waist pulling me closer. One long kiss sometimes is enough for the man to be up and in the mood. I felt him, exactly where he wanted me to feel him. Without stopping that long lingering kiss, I only graduated upwards to his lips, guiding his hands around my waist and into where it should be. Even in that sleepy state, his touch made me break out of that kiss and moan. He was wide awake and how! In less than a minute he had taken charge. Slowly undressing me and working his moves. His fingers played me just how I needed them to, while we kissed and moaned and groaned and reached a state where we knew this was bliss. Making his way into me slowly at first and then with loud hard thrusts, we’d reached each others’ fantasy morning wake up call and oh-how-amazing was the moment when it happened. Deep breathes and parting kisses before he moved away back to his side of the bed, he finally opened his eyes and uttered “If this was a dream, this is what I want to dream every single night”.
It was the morning I had been waiting for, the morning I was going to tell him all about my reasons to leave him. The morning I was going to tell him everything.
Just not yet, maybe after another shot at the surprise wake up call.
Winter had arrived, and revenge was all set to be served, stone cold.

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Winter Mornings With Him

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