Why our moms are our role models?

Mums are basically all rounder, they range from being a superhero to best friend. Sometimes we even take them for granted. But for many of us she is the best role model that you will ever have. Not only has she gave u birth you, but she’s also been your partner during every stage of your life , looked after you when you had peed on the bedsheet, and she always fights your corner.

Here are the reasons why no one can be better than her..!

1. Strong

Well she’s definitely the strongest woman out their for handling you and your dad. She has handled you during your teenage rebellion phase. You know how much she has sacrificed right from the beginning till now. She stays strong no matter what happens and never let anything bring her down.

2. Full of wisdom

She has gone through everything before than you. Someone she just knows what you’re feeling and what you need to hear. She has the perfect piece of advise even without asking. She knows how you will understand things and what can affect you before you even realise. She has a magical 6th sense that works everytime. Like that friend she told you wasn’t really friend, she knew it all before you.

3. Stylish

Her style is antique. She always show the best patience stored inside when you try out all the clothes in every damn showroom. Her style isn’t confined solely to trends or fashion come backs. She knows how to carry herself and always give the best pinch of taste.

4. Non-judgmental

You have supreme confidence in knowing that you can tell her anything, or do anything around her and she will not love you any less, and judge you for your actions. You can share your worst mistakes and know she’s still gonna be at your side. Like the time you told her about stealing , she never judged you for it.

5. Teaches you important stuff

She’s our first teacher. She’s gonna tell you about everything beforehand. We all pretty surely homeschooled by our moms and that made our life so better. From speaking to how to make friends, she teaches you everything.

6. Amazing cook

You would prefer your mom’s cooked food over a fancy restaurant’s delights. Whether it’s a Dhokla, pakode or shaahi paneer or even a daily salad your mom is just perfect in everything. Its absolutely delicious and healthy(free of cost too!). You always promise yourself that you’ll get techniques from her, but you get too consumed by the food and forget.

7. Positive

She is basically a little ray of positive sunshine, always there to make you realise it’s not that bad. Has there ever been a time that you’ve been really upset and after speaking to your mum you didn’t feel better? Exactly. You’re amazed by her optimism and how she finds solutions to everything.

8. Funny

She’s gonna act like a chill out mom in front of your friends by cracking jokes on you. She knows you inside out and so your humor just match up. She sometimes say things which are only funny to her but anyways she’s a good one. Remember the time you and she laughed at dad so bad and never told him the reason.

9. Confident

She don’t really care what others think about her. She’s confident about her personality and accept her flaws like a boss. Sometimes you just wish to be confident like her. Someone who can wear pyjamas on a holiday tour and hang around like it’s the style.

10. Promotes honesty

Not only did she teach that honesty is always the best policy, but she also practises this herself when it comes to dispensing advice. Like the time she told you about that haircut which made you look like potato and the sandals in which your feet looked overgrown. You can always rely on her opinion because it’s always true.

11. Selfless

She always puts you first, and even gives you her last piece of cake.If that isn’t pure and true love, then we don’t know what is. She’s the one who will always love you unconditionally and never leave you. You’re a part of her and she never forgets that .

12. Never gives up

Everything you’ve learned about dedication to a goal you have learnt from her. You’re inspired by the fact how she maintains her routine and everything in order. She never runs from her duty. Whether it’s just dusting around in room, finding your misplaced books or putting up an appointment- she does it all right.

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Why our moms are our role models?

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