What phase is your relationship in?

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Every new relationship comes is like a cold breeze on a hot summer day. It is said to turn your world around and make it upside down! But hold on, what if we could tell you that there has been an observed pattern in all relationships. And only if we acknowledge each one of them, maybe we can spare ourselves from the whole cycle of falling in love and falling out of it. So also the dreaded heart break and the effort of finding somebody who would make you feel loved!

Reading so many pages on the world wide web and doing some firsthand research our team found out 4 big stages of a relationship.

1. The High:

Just like alcohol or drugs or any intoxicant Love gives you a happy high, buzzy feeling. It makes everything slow motion and makes you see everything with rose tinted glasses. Love even scientifically releases hormones like oxytocin which help us bond and experience trust, bonding and other such emotions. The high is what happens from first two months to first two years of your relationship. It is that time where your brain tells you to focus on all the positive parts about your partner. Everything feels perfect, new and just right.

2. The Hangover:

Just when everything feels like la la land the hangover hits you out of nowhere, it just happens one morning as you wake up and that high feeling is suddenly replaced by a sick feeling that you don’t want. The hangover is what happens when the newness of your relationship starts to wear out its when the focus shifts from all things nice to all the things that just don’t match. These can be the same things that made you go ‘awww’ earlier which would now feel totally silly! The hangover is a struggle phase for a couple it’s when most people give up on each other and when most break ups happen. It’s that phase when the happy-rose-tinted feeling goes away and the fights, nagging, issues start to crop up. Most people think that something is wrong with their choice in person so they break up and move on, only to find themselves in the same situation after a few months with a different person!

3. The promise:

The most fulfilling part of a relationship is when you reach this stage. The bond is much deeper , the feelings much intense since you both know you survived a phase where you almost lost each other. Reaching this phase is like a huge commitment to your significant other. This is the ideal time to propose, instead of what the masses do. They not only propose but also get married in the high phase and regret when they reach the hangover stage. Very few marriages survive after that. The promise is a stage you reach with the person you truly are ready to change for or grow old with.

4. The Co-creation:

Up until now both the persons were finding out about each other and trying to change each other so as to try and make a life together. The co creation stage is the epitome of your relationship it’s when you don’t want to change things about the other person but instead have accepted them thoroughly and are already spending your life with them. In co creation you and your partner give in to not just growing old but to help each other succeed in their goals and aims. Co creation means the scenario being about both of you living your dreams it is as the cliche goes “Two bodies, One Soul”

4 Stages one complex emotion, Love. Don’t you agree?

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What phase is your relationship in?

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