What is a ‘toxic’ Relationship?

Toxic, literally means anything that has a poisonous effect on someone. Toxic could be used with a chemical, a drug, a place, and most recently has been used with relationships.

Those which lead to psychological and emotional harassment, which in turn makes the person feel suffocated, unhappy, hurt, complex-ed, or anything on those lines are termed Toxic Relations. Revive Your Relations went a step ahead in the research and found out that this happens in every sort of relationship. Be it husband-wife, siblings, friends, neighbors, even parent and child! When you are kind enough to watch over someone’s kids while they are out on a weekend, and they don’t return the favor. Or when your sister borrows your clothes/shoes all the time and always has an excuse for not lending her own you might want to step back and think if you are getting used in this scenario!

Source : themindunleashed

The biggest sign of a healthy relationship is Equality, when the give and take is equal and feelings are mutual it is then a happy relationship. Whereas when people are being taken for granted, or not thought of it may be heading towards a toxic relationship. Any relationship that gives you no space to take care of yourself spiritually, physically or emotionally. Where you feel burdened and unhappy is toxic.

On the world wide web, there are so many who stated a few clues that show a toxic relation. Here are the top few:

  1. Nothing goes right: It may seem that no matter how much you put in, it is never good enough. Or there always comes a reason which ticks off the temper of the other person. Nothing goes right, while you take so much care in planning and preparing even to serve a simple meal if you have forgotten to put enough salt will be enough excuse for the person to put you in a guilt trip that you cant do anything correctly. Take this as a big sign to realizing what your relationship might be turning into.
  2. All him and No you! Their dreams, their plans, their choice of movie, their choice of cafe/restaurant even their choice of clothes on you! you need to know that you are deteriorating your own emotional health, compromising on everything that you might have wanted and it all starts with small things like movie, clothes, food etc. Watch out for such behavior and pull yourself out.
  3. You are not You anymore: In a relationship where you do not feel comfortable being completely yourself. Where most times even without knowing you are constantly trying to be someone else only to be accepted is enough reason to know that this is the kind of relationship which will result in you losing yourself.
  4. You get stuck: Like we said earlier even friendships can be toxic, a bond which does not allow you to grow or enhance yourself or be better than the other is definitely poisonous. If your friend gives you a reason not to go to that college, or always has an excuse to not let you go for that big event without them. Even your spouse might give you an excuse to not take up your dream job. All these should be addressed else will result in you feeling stuck and not growing or going anywhere in life.

There can be many more signs that could indicate such a relationship bottom line being that you should not under any circumstances feel uncomfortable, unhappy, or unsettled. don’t wait for the effects to get to you to an extent of you losing your own favorite things, or you leading to depression. They say a toxic bond can have lifelong effects on people. If you know you are not happy nothing should stop you from walking away from this.

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What is a ‘toxic’ Relationship?

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