Watch out for the greener grass!

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They say the grass is always greener on the other side, it’s a phrase used for years to describe how the average person looks at someone else’s or another’s situation and thinks it is better than their own life. So how true does this stand for relationships…when we researched we found so many people struggling with the same thoughts. The search results lead to partners cheating on each other to get something they thought would be better, it also lead us to many other complex issues about relationships.

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So here is a low down on our derivation of why men think there is always something that they are missing out on, even though they got their share! In a happy steady relationship too there are men who would stray off, for some fun, excitement, or simple platonic/emotional needs. But whatever the reason might be, it is not acceptable to the fairer gender. Men justify by saying that’s how they were created, they were the hunters, the physical ones and that Men are hardwired to behave in a certain way when a beautiful woman walks by. Some might even call it a good thing to appreciate beauty of all kinds, whether it’s yours or not does not matter. So in a movie i saw this character who wanted to see the world, who wanted to catch a play and a museum and the big clock and the giant wheel ride and a hundred more things all in a day not stopping by to gaze at the beach, or the sunset, or the simpler things, that’s when the female lead says that they can’t miss that killer sunset in the effort to reach to the museum before it shuts, she says no matter how much you run there are some things you are going to miss out on. Those are the things that would make you less happy that what you are right now most of the times.

In theories of accounting we were taught a concept of opportunity cost, it’s the amount you lose in a –would- be opportunity due to investing in your asset. Similar is the idea of having a woman who is almost perfect and is fully devoted but what men miss is the opportunity cost. While married or committed men get into the ‘normal’ zone, when it has been steady and smooth…when the woman has been around to know them enough to predict what they will say next…is when they start feeling ‘normal’ that’s the one thought that gets rejected by their system, hence in the search for something new and challenging they tend to go off track and think it’s ok to check out what other men are in to these days!

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Strangely the answer to this dilemma came from ‘As long as you love me’ by Justin Beiber, The grass aint greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it; So I know we got issues baby, true, true, true

But I’d rather work on this with you, than go start something new.

It is one thing to longingly look at someone else’s situation and totally different to look at your own at decide if you’ve been ‘watering the grass enough’, Because when we turn 85 years old, it’s not the excitement we’ll need it’s the never ending conversations and comfortable silences that will get us through life.

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Watch out for the greener grass!

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