Turn on those tracks and screw the damn world!!!

People generally ask me what do I do when some assholes just can’t stop being shitty around me, and my answer every time is, I LISTEN. I listen, not to people but music.

The next question which follows is, What kind of music?? Well, i don’t have any specific taste. Sometimes, you will catch me jumping on my bed with some hard rock music playing in background and sometimes I will be seen humming a soft romantic Bollywood title sitting near one of those windows that provide a beautiful look of outside world. So, yes I like music and you should love it too.
We bring you some of the reasons, Why music is a real friend In your hard times.

1) You won’t be listening to humans 

First things first, when you plug in those earphones you can not and you would not be listening to humans and frankly speaking who wants to listen to some high voltage nonsense when you could listen to your favorite tracks in your most comfortable position.

2) No complains, No demands

Unlike humans, it won’t be complaining about every petty issue and would provide you composure and space to be You, The Real You. Fall in love with Music and you won’t need any human as they are the best friends which neither complains nor demands.

3) Bid Adieus to Depression

You won’t even notice but only after shuffling a few songs you will feel better, somewhere deep down you will realize a positive change within you which will cheer you mood and help you getting over that constant depressing phase. Trust me music heels the deepest wounds..!

4) Now who needs an energy drink?

You must have heard of so many people who prefer listening to music while managing their errands, may it be studying for the exams or cleaning the room. Reason, it helps you staying energized, active and entertained all at the same time.
Need to do a boring work? Well, pair that up with some music. It won’t make the work lovable but would make it bearable for sure. So, throw that can away and play some music.

5) Welcome to a new world

Music provides a great deviation from every issues of real world and takes you somewhere where everything is perfect, peaceful and pleasant. Yes, it makes you feel the euphoria. And once you start drowning in the world of Music believe me, you there is no looking back.

So, what are you waiting for? I wrote enough and you listened enough. Now it’s time to show your neighbors what real music is.
Turn on those speakers and set the stage on fire.

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Turn on those tracks and screw the damn world!!!

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