Trump plays a trump card, comes with a new Travel Ban on folks from Six Muslim Nations sparing Iraq .

Trump- who is in news over his aides’ links with Russia signed something again within locked doors.
With his first attempt ruled out by federal courts, US President Donald Trump now came with a new Travel Ban, stopping new visas of travelers and refugees from six different countries, which include Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan exempting Iraqis and permanent US residents.

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The new order would came into effect from 16 March and is based totally on combating legal problems liberating Iraq, legal permanent residents and valid visa holders.

“The principles of the executive order remain the same,” exclaimed White House spokesman, Sean Spicer.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, one amongst the three Cabinet Ministers also named it as ” a vital measure” keeping in mind the national security followed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions who said “it provides a needed pause” so that American could figure out how to deal with such countries.
Sessions also said that 3 of the listed countries are state financiers of terrorism and left outs have provided “safe havens” for terror operatives.

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As for critics, they have been accusing Trump for the listed countries and have questioned about the innocent people who have never participated in any act of terrorism. Non- governmental groups aren’t behind. They have also blamed Trump over his secret agenda to ban Muslims from entering the United States. This new move from Trump would give air to new challenges and possibilities.

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“President Trump has recommended himself to religious discrimination, and he can expect continued disapproval from both the courts and the people,” said Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU’s Immigrant Rights Project.
Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer showed his dissatisfaction.
The story took a huge turn when a bunch of protesters started the demonstration with the messages like “Fight ignorance, not Immigrants.”
*How was the response from the listed countries.
Iraq was agitated with the first order but they are somehow relieved after the new order as the Iraqi foreign ministry thinks it would work out for the betterment of relation between Baghdad and Washington.
Also both of them are currently fighting side-by-side in northern Iraq, trying to remove city of Mosul from the shackles of Islamic State Control.
But the new order is supposed to create some turmoil.

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On Monday, Nigeria advised its citizen against all but essential travel to the United States, thus showcasing the absence of clarity in revised rules. Over the last few weeks visas of many Nigerians have been denied and sent back.
According to a report released on Monday by the travel Data firm Forward keys, the number of travelers have fallen shockingly.
*No problem from Russian?
One of the good things that came out with the travel ban is, the focus has been shifted from Trump’s links with Russia.
Since US intelligence accused Russia of trying to swing the November election in Trump’s favor, it has given lights to the questions like have some of the Trump’s campaign collaborated with Moscow.
Last week the attorney general excused himself from some election- based investigations only to meet the Russian ambassador in Washington twice.
Some allegations have been made like Barack Obama ordered a wiretap on Trump’s phone.

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Trump plays a trump card, comes with a new Travel Ban on folks from Six Muslim Nations sparing Iraq .

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