Things About Social Media

Social media is no doubt a great source to grab knowledge about what is happening around the world and to stay connected with people with whom you’re not meeting physically everyday. That’s obvious you’re day to day user of social sites and messenger applications. But you know what? You’re still not guided with the correct use of social media. You are addicted to your phone. These habits which naturally destroying you inside out.

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I would like to tell you fews things regarding the social life you’re living in. What activity do you do when you wake up in the morning? What do you actually do before going to your bed or before sleeping when you’re already on your bed? I will tell you. The most important work you’ve got in this era “using mobile phone”. More than 75% of Indian population is using smartphones. That means out of 1.28 billion people, 950 million approx are the daily user of smartphone not only this few have more than 1 smartphone say tablet, iPhone etc.

Now, what you read on internet and people you meet, leave a heavy impression on you. More than 40-50% data on internet is rumor, i,e,. Not true and not proved. Around 30-40% things and people are fraud. Now what happens is, you waste time as well as resources like energy, data on them.

I would like to quote some incidences

1. After coming up of new currency in the market of Rs.2000 almost everyone was talking about satellite chip present in the note. Was that a truth? But just think once what people have wasted behind that.

2. Unesco declares ‘Jana Gana Mana’ best national anthem.
Another favourite Indian rumour is the claim that India’s national anthem – ‘Jana Gana Mana’ – has been declared the Best National Anthem In The World. The fake news started in 2008 through email and then caught the UN agency’s attention.

3. WhatsApp profile pictures can be used by ISIS for terror activities.

4. A WhatsApp forward, supposedly sent by the Delhi police commissioner, requested “moms” and “sisters” to delete their WhatsApp profile pictures for security purposes. These pictures were supposedly vulnerable to misuse by the terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), whose hackers had access to citizens’ details and could easily steal their virtual identity, according to the forwarded message.

5. Salt shortage in India : Messages of a salt shortage (despite a 7,517km coastline) in November 2016 triggered panic buying at markets past midnight, and caused a four-fold price-rise in some parts of the country. Western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra and Hyderabad were particularly affected by this bit of fake news, said news reports.
These are the few examples of the rumors occurred recently, there are many others but I cannot quote all.
Not only this they cause physical damage to us too. Tensions, eyes problems, and radiation moving around us due to these gadgets are also harmful for our body.

Above,Whatever I talked about, it was to tell you that using your phone makes you go blind with the other world let’s start to cope up with real world with the help of science.

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Things About Social Media

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