Spoiler Alert!!

Everything might seem perfect, straight out of the romance novels to the people who see your relationship as an outsider. Internally also it might all go super well if you steer clear of the below mentioned top 7 relationship spoilers.

If you are thinking of stepping up your commitment level or merely getting to know someone you have been attracted to for very long. The top 5 scenes that will take your relationship from heaven to HELL!

No. 1: Scape-goating:

Holding each other responsible for everything, the eternal blame game, the matters that start with ” this is all because of you”, “you are the cause of all things messed” or even when you don’t say these things out loud but feel them or think that way about each other!

No.2 Putting yourself First:

If everything starts and ends on you, the relationship goes out of focus. A point where you can see each other’s benefits, likes and dislikes in everything is the only way to be together and happy! On the flipside putting yourself last can also be a spoiler, where you constantly prioritize your partners wishes and  compromise on your own. Where actually you tend to pile on your wants and develop an unhappy feeling. Avoid both cases, maintain a fair balance.

No.3 The Past:

The past is the most under rated relationship spoiler, people tend to be very okay about sharing minute details of their past with their current partners not realizing, as soon as the first major fight happens they will be the first set of talks your partner will refer to or be affected with. Nobody can avoid a direct comparison with your ex-lover even if it is at a subconscious level. Always avoid the details of the past.

No.4 Going too fast:

Yes it’s the modern age, it is the time of instant make-out-instant break-up. Yet the best relationships are those which explore each other step by step, those who grow together physically and emotionally at a slow and steady place. So before taking an instant weekend getaway, stop and think if you had enough dinners and lunches together to take it to the next level. Going too fast can prove to be a spoiler.

No.5 Infidelity:

Not less has been said about this one. Let us put it straight, if you can cheat on your current partner with someone else, be assured that you are not happy in your on-going relationship. No reason is enough to justify a cheating partner. Similarly no reason should be enough to be with a person who you knew is cheating on you. Take a stand, choose one person and stick to them!

Think about it, Keep reviving your relations.

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