Some of the quotes and believes which makes Saina, “A Shuttle Queen”

An Arjuna Award, a Padma Shri, a Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, a Padma Bhushan, ten ‘BWF Superseries’ titles, an Olympic medal and World No.1 title and the list goes on.

If we start counting the feathers added by Saina Nehwal in India’s cap, may be we would fall short of numbers.
She is the one who provided a new popularity to the game of badminton and today when we think of badminton, the first name which comes in our mind is, Saina. She has left everyone spellbound with her awesome work and dedication towards the game.

Being a girl, she is a role model for n numbers of young girls out there who have a keen interest in the game and she just doesn’t stop motivating us.

We can label her as a multi talented prodigy as off the field she has delivered some amazing quotes as well. Have a look.

1. It’s easy to reach the top, what’s difficult is to stay there. She doesn’t want to settle for anything less than best and it’s cleared by her actions.

2. Defeat teaches you something that victory can’t. Look failure as a stepping stone and you would enjoy it too.

3. It’s 2017, and it’s sad that we still have to discuss things like these. By these, she means narrow minded mentality prevailing in society like caste system.

4. And it is very difficult to achieve Stay happy in whatever you achieve,  it feels good.

5. Because you know they always got your back. Your parents would never stop loving you and would do anything to make you happy.

6. Instead of holding the emotions as a rage inside, it is better to let them go. Cry, it makes you feel better. There’s no shame in accepting that you are hurt sometimes.

7. Whatever happens, do not take your eyes away from your goal. It’s your dream and no one knows how much it matters. So, don’t take your dream for granted.

8. Faith brings the belief that you can achieve whatever you want. Have faith! Even in most difficult times, don’t lose your cool and faith.

9. There is no elevator to success, but the view from the top is breathtaking. Yes, it would require sacrifices. But, once you would reach your goal, nothing else would matter.

10. Your priorities define you. What would you become totally depends on how you spend your day. So, fix your priorities carefully.

11. And he is her fan too. What else one needs If the king of hearts, Shahrukh Khan is a fan of her work.

12. It is our responsibility to make her dream come true. Well who doesn’t want India to shine in international levels? Saina dreams of the same.

So, here were some of the quotes form the talented star, Saina Nehwal.
She has given her immense reasons to be happy and we just hope for the same in future too.

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Some of the quotes and believes which makes Saina, “A Shuttle Queen”

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