Saving a Relationship

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They say prevention is better than cure. When you see the boat of your relationship sinking you need to save it rather than wait for it to be broken and then repair it! Saving relationships will require you to first analyse if it is worth it and if you really want this. If the answers are yes then you must leave no stone unturned to get through this rough patch.

At Revive your Relations we researched the top 5 ways on How to save your love life!

1. Let go the Ego monster:

Ego is said to be the one cause behind all the major issues in a relation. If you think it’s OK to let him take a few decisions and let her call the shots on a few things half the matters will resolve just then. Never let the ‘who is superior’ battle ruin the love that once existed!

2. Make an effort:

Staying in a relationship is a choice you make all the time, if you are making that choice efforts must be taken at every moment to keep that choice intact. Get her flowers, do his laundry, don’t cancel your dates, Do small special things, Plan surprises. Every effort even the small ones leave a bigger impact at heart!

3. Relive the time:

Every bond has its ‘best time’, like when you proposed, or prom night, or the dinner with the family, your first kiss in the rain, your first movie. The one way that guaranteed brings back good memories is reliving your best times. So on the coming weekend stage the proposal again, do a big fat family dinner, go to the place where you had your first kiss, rent a DVD of that movie you saw, you’ll be surprised how fights will take a back seat and you take a walk down the memory lane!

4. Express and Impress:

Remember the days where you dressed up correctly, said the right things, did the right things, cooked favourite food and tried to enjoy each other’s tastes just to impress your partner! Well, when things are rocky, trying to impress each other can kick start the forgotten chemistry.  When he/she doesn’t notice it’ll be a good idea to express your thoughts on how much they mean to you, what all you can do to try and make things better here!

5. Forgive and Forget:

This one is very cliché, it’s said every day, you must have read it a million times but do you really think you can make things right while still holding onto the wrongs? Put the past in the past, don’t only forgive also truly forgive incidents and let your heart out to your partner again.

If love wasn’t so important we wouldn’t need it, if we find it we must do everything to keep it. Save your relationships.

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Saving a Relationship

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