“Run the jewels “opens up about their new video, ‘Legend has it’

The video which got shot in the city of Los Angeles, comes with a plot of two rappers dropping acid which falsely gets placed into police lineup thus starting the downfall. The day of visual effects had to work day and night for making this video a perfect one. One half of the duo, Jaime “El-P” Meline exclaimed they got to see the finished version on the release date itself in which they realized it was perfect for the release.

Appreciating the crew behind visual effects he said it needed a hell lot of hard work to get it right and boys did a fabulous job. Bringing the freaky experience he told that things start taking a new turn once you decide to forget the idea of reality and that what something which made video a brilliant one. Mike set the tone in the song.

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RTJ had originally planned to shoot a music video for their track, “Talk to me”, but destiny had some other plans. El-P discussed the idea with filmmaker and a close friend Brian Beletic and to hit on “this random idea of us on acid in a police lineup.” Mike added, and the trio started looking out for a treatment for the video. They talk about strange things in their videos, so this time they took a leap and made them visual too.

Run the jewels are known for delivering message through their work and this video is no exception. The video focuses on fact that how young African- American men are generally blamed until they are proved innocent. The video, which got inspired by The Usual Suspects have detectives which ask questions in a way it deviates the attention from police officers in lineup.

Both Mike and El-P admit that it’s needs a hell of courage to produce a message through art and they did some social services out there, but sometimes they got to understand where to put a full stop, for they aren’t a protest band but a art band and mixing both could be fallacious.

El-P further adds that they have a found some sweet connection between comedy and heart and they would try putting forward something of that genre too but not in the expense of entertainment Cause that was and that would be their prime motive. To RTJ, videos like this fulfill their needs of both expressions and music. The world of music is funny, you can take years to prepare something and then very next moment, you have to come up with something of that level within months.

For Mike, it is easy. He just got one requirement, “it must be dope.”

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“Run the jewels “opens up about their new video, ‘Legend has it’

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