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While the dictionary describes a sibling to be one of two or more individuals having one or both parents in common; a brother – sister relationship is so much more than just that. When the writers at revive your relations started thinking on this topic they decided to use personal experiences/thoughts, not just research, and dive in to the personal memory lane for this write up!

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Siblings are those we grow up living with, they are more than best friends, more than lovers, more than parents sometimes. They are the only ones who love us even after knowing the worst side of us. “Brother” or “Sister” is the highest title we can give to people we love, eg: Honey, you’re not just my friend you’re my sister (Like Blair and Serena in Gossip Girl). Or popular catchphrases like ‘Bros before Hos’. A brother sister relationship is an epitome of human emotions; love, hatred, attachment, jealousy and everything else.

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In a big family the first competition a person faces is by a sibling. From grades to dates to lifestyles everything is compared down the sibling line. Couples till date, prefer having two or more children to avoid the first child feeling lonely ever in life. Businesses they say run stronger and longer when started/supported by a sibling. Even Celebs think the same! Sienna Miller and, Savanah even work together, they started the fashion brand Twent8Twelve! Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica are also besties! Family is above all and when you have someone almost your age living a life just like you, everyone tends to share more, grow more, love more and eventually be more than individually they could have been. Bros are perfect wing men for each other, when you are out to learn how to impress a babe at a bar take your brother with you; the job will be easier only the competition might be a notch higher.

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There is no learning as true and lasting as those done by siblings together, camp outs, barbeque, adventure sports and even first aid. The most heart warming scenario is when the elder sibling is introduced to the younger one after his birth; those instant protective-motherly instincts stay on forever in their hearts. That’s why brothers make such good body guard for girls on bad dates and sisters are such good stylists/nurses/chefs etc if need be! If you have a sibling out there who you have an estranged relationship with, now would be a good time to write to them about your long forgotten memories, if you don’t have a sibling call your BFF and tell him/her how he/she makes you feel like you don’t need a sibling when he/she is around.

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Relationship Communication

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