Post Sunil, it’s Raju Srivastava who talks about Kapil’s attitude and Alcoholism.

The recent tussle between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover and its after effects are never ending and is becoming the hot topic of gossip in almost every dining room. The incident took shape when drunk and out if his sense, Kapil started abusing and beating Sunil at Airport, which resulted in Sunil quitting the show along with few other crew members. The obvious reasons stated were Kapil’s ill behavior with fellow members which they could not take anymore.

Next in the row were some comments from Comedian, Raju Srivastava, which gave a bit more push to the ongoing controversy. Raju Srivastava was seen in a recent episode filling the gap for Sunil, and has a lot to talk about the alleged culprit, Kapil Sharma here.

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Raju says Kapil doesn’t have ego issues but his inability to handle success and pressure makes him bad in people’s eyes. He further adds that although Kapil was quite sober and calm with him but he got to know about the furious behavior of the comedian through crew members and says he gets out of control when he is high. Liquor is the root problem here which works in against for him. Kapil behaves impatiently and totally loses his cool when he is drunk. Raju suggested he should bid adios to liquor or the day isn’t far, he would have to say goodbye to his fans and this situation is the biggest nightmare for any celebrity.

Raju opens up that Kapil isn’t very happy about what happened either, and he wanted to have a talk with Sunil, but who is out of town has further extended his traveling schedule. Reportedly, Raju arranged    a meeting in his own name but unfortunately it went in vain due to the above stated reason.

Sunil Grover, on the other hand feels differently and says he is enjoying whatever gossip is creeping in. Looks like, he isn’t in any mood to make up with Kapil.
Fingers crossed, let’s see what happens next.

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Post Sunil, it’s Raju Srivastava who talks about Kapil’s attitude and Alcoholism.

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