Platonic, Really?

Ages back, the opposite gender comes together only to date, marry or reproduce. Things changed of course and we saw a boom in friendships between the genders that’s when the term “Platonism” was attached to this friendship. The theory of Platonism also speaks of two abstract objects co existing outside the realm of consciousness.

We read a published researched where 20 platonic friendships where 80 percent of the men agreed that they were really good friends. Most of them also agreed to friendship attraction which implies being very fond of each other but not having thought of the future. 20 percent did agree that the would love something more. Though the concept sounds very 1950’s we saw all the movies taking the lead pair from being great friends and ultimately falling in love. You’d think ‘Friends with Benefits’ was going the other way but they did want more than friendship and more than sex, they fell in love. Even though Harry and sally was an exception, otherwise even story books lead to similar endings.

Did you know, Shakespeare said: “A boy and a girl can never be friends forever” besides don’t we all believe that if a guy can be your best friend he will make a good partner too? So it’s like love without lust. Men make better best friends to women, more conversations are light hearted and nitty griity need not be discussed.

Recently a celebrity said she cant trust anyone who has no girl friends. True, that we all need girl friends to do pajama parties with, to share inner most deepest secrets and also to not care if they were thinking of more than friendship.

So isn’t that a lot of confusion? can a girl and guy ever be just friends? Well Yes and No. With too many depends and ifs and buts. With the current scene many men and women are great friends so here are a top few situations that might just ruin your kick-ass bond:

1. Either one feels the need for more: The entire equation goes into an imbalance when either one person feels more attracted to the other and if they want more than just friendship or if they take the liberty to imagine a future with them as a life partner or as a date.

2. Third Person’s entry: You know you are best of friends and love chatting for hours etc but does it bother you when a third party enters this equation? If it becomes about i’m losing my best friend it can be dealt with, but if it gets to possessiveness or paranoia then it is a flag for trouble!

3. Parents or family interference: When everything is going perfectly smooth but your friends and family seem to see more when you both are together. You may think that won’t matter to you but someday when you have heard enough of your significant other has upset you , you might consider a chance of spending the rest of your life with your current best friend obviously which becomes easier when your parents say i love that guy6 you hang out with our your friends say you guys look so perfect together.

4. Sex: The most common situation that takes a friendship ahead or makes it fall apart is a chance encounter with physical intimacy. you might have enough reasons like being drunk, sharing a comfort zone etc it still might change the entire pretext of the bond you shared.

You also would want to know that 90 percent of those 20 pairs said that it is easier to fall in love with someone who entered your life as a friend. So our team thinks that a guy and girl might never be able to remain friends, they land up falling for each other either just temporarily, or when he/she has found someone else , either at the wrong time or forever.

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Platonic, Really?

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