Peeps Have Shared These 15 Much Strange Reasons Of Break-Up And They Are Hysterically Funny

Why did you guys break up? Or why did you take a break?

This is a question everyone who was in a *forever* relationship avoids  and they are asked countless times by best friends, close friends, not-so-close friends, relatives, family,  neighbors, nose poking aunties, Ola cab drivers(maybe) and the list is endless. LMAO. The answer people expect ranges from ‘it was not working out’ or ‘we both are very different’ to ‘we tried but couldn’t make it work’ or ‘s/he cheated upon me’. And this is well-nigh normal.

Breaking up with someone or being broken up with can never be a good quality kind a feeling unless you are the one who wants to get rid of it. Different People have their different reasons and we understand that. But sometimes the reason for a break-up is so-freaking-amusing that we can’t help but laugh our ass off.

We happened to come across this Quora thread where people were sharing ‘the most bizarre reasons for breaking up a relationship’ and it is humorous as well as awkward.

1.Ohh yaasss…. This is funny.

I literally had no idea how to spell ‘Dude’. She broke up with me because i spelled ‘Dude’ as ‘Dood’. Okay that was my fault, nincompoop i was.

Ouchhh…. he was ditched cause of such a petty reason. This guy was a teenager when this incident took place. He was texting his girlfriend in not-so-refine English. When the girl on the other end texted saying that it was a prank, he realized that he was being pranked upon by his GF’s friends and wrote: “It’s ok, Dood. What’s up?”

After a while, his girlfriend’s reply was: We are done, you retard. Dude, you don’t even know how to spell ‘dude’.  You’re the worst boyfriend ever. You made fun of my reputation in front of my friends. I hate you. Don’t you dare to text me again?”

We sincerely feel sorry for this guy *trying to control our giggle*.

2)This is something brand new.

She called off the marriage cause I dejected the decision of gifting her an iPhone.

He was engaged to a girl (arranged marriage) who was using iPhone 5S. When iPhone 6 launched and she demanded it from him, he tried to reason that instead of iphone he could buy her jewellery or clothes. She showed tantrums and finally called off the wedding because the guy couldn’t fulfill his VITAL demands.

3)Her room was painted purple.

The walls of my room weren’t painted “Pink” is the reason due to which my first boyfriend broke up with me.

He told her, “You are the most confusing lady I ever met. You don’t like normal things. Sorry, this is not going to work out!”

Seems like the colour of the walls are more important than the love, intimacy and bond you share with your partner. Ummmmm…. Does that even make sense??

4)What’s the connection of a relationship with cartoon characters??

*much confused?*

I was ditched because I liked Johnny Bravo as a kiddo.

5)He dumped her after having a week-long discussion over cat poop.

He broke up with her cause he was exhausted of her psychoanalyzing her thought that he had a fight with her cat, who pooped on her baggage.

6)This guy and his gal were waiting in a queue at a temple on a propitious day.

His girlfriend had asked him to fast on that day. When the guy saw a very old lady begging and crying, he took her outside and got her a dosa.

When I came back, I saw my gf coming outta temple and she walked away not at all recognizing me *as if she hadn’t ever met me*. Later on I received a message which said that it’s not working so don’t call ever again. I’m much grateful to Ganpati Bappa.

7)She was in a  venomous relationship and thankfully got rid of it.

My boyfriend dumped me because due to my job I wasn’t able to make it to home till 5.

I wasn’t too ambitious on cooking for everyone in the family. He didn’t like my jawline (?)

8)Sniffing your coffee cause you love the aroma can be toxic for your relationship” no one told ever.

My boyfriend dumped me because I have a soft spot for coffee.

He told her,“I don’t think I can go out with you anymore. You should go for a check-up”.

9)WHOA….This reminds me of Lily from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ but at least Marshall didn’t break-up with her cause of this.

My husband separated from his first wife because she used to make quite a lot noise while chewing food. Ostensibly, he couldn’t stand it to the point that he had to eat alone and decline any joint dinner invitations by friends.

10) I don’t know if I should feel sorry for the guy or Shin Chan.

My gf broke up with me because I liked the cartoon character Shin Chan. I seriously don’t have any idea what was wrong with having a fondness for Shin Chan.

11)His parents disapproval was quite sensible *much sarcastic*

His smartass parents convinced him that since his girlfriend knew of his allergy so she could murder him by pouring cantaloupe juice into his food when he won’t be around if they ever had a quarrel and she was half Japanese so yeahh he had to give up on her.

Her favorite fruit is Cantaloupe so now at least she can have it whenever she desires.

12)Is there a divorce gene? *much shocked to know*

My parents are divorced is the reason my first boyfriend gave to me for breaking up with me. He told that his mum had told him that apparently even I’ll divorce him because that’s what my family does and maybe he meant it’s in my genes.

13) But Spongebob Squarepants is cute. Isn’t he?

He was in a relationship with a girl who didn’t like his Spongebob Squarepants boxers. She told him that she didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as someone sporting such childish undies.

14)Lengthy story shortened….he didn’t pick up her 3am drunk call and couldn’t check up on her during Sunday.

She broke up with me because of my tomato plants and felt that I loved them more than her. Upon being asked by her, what he did the previous day, he told that he did nothing much except for watching TV, nursing the tomatoes and sleeping. She went to his place to have ‘the talk’, uprooted all the tomatoes, threw the soil all over him while screaming, “Your precious tomatoes, your precious f*king tomatoes!”


15)His Mormon girlfriend could talk to God…. Like for real?? *still recovering from this shock and really need to ask her to talk to God about me too*

She said, “I prayed bout us and God told that you aren’t the perfect or fittest match for me. I’m sorry.”

We are really rolling on the floor laughing after reading these answers and can’t get over them.

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Peeps Have Shared These 15 Much Strange Reasons Of Break-Up And They Are Hysterically Funny

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