Parent Child Relationship

We read a million write ups on parenting…on how to raise good children, ever thought of what happens to parents when kids grow up and have their own lives? Here is a new angle to parent and child relationships. It is that what children must take up when they are adults. Living with parents as adults can be a daunting task especially when most of your batch mates/colleagues/friends have successfully moved out and have started their own lives alone or married. To start off a healthy future one must accept that it is not a bad thing to be living with your mom and dad. It is a noble thing in more ways than one. Taking care of your folks as they age, helping them a little financially or just being around will make them oh-so-happy!

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10 steps you can undertake for a healthy parent child relationship while living with them:

1. Help pull your own weight in the household. May be you don’t need to pay the entire rent but you can always contribute a little financially or start running errands for regular supplies, performing repairs etc.!

2. Do your own chores: Doing your own laundry, picking up your plates, keeping your room clean are absolute basic help you can provide!

3. Communicate with them: Telling them what you’re up to these days, asking them about their plans, discussing holidays and gifts is a healthy exercise that brings families closer!

4. Appreciate your parents: They have never been told how good they were at raising you enough; maybe you can start appreciating their past and continuous efforts to keep you happy!

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5. Listen to the grievances: A big part of communicating is listening. Listen to what your parents say, especially any concerns they have, and do your best to address the concerns or fix the problem. It will go a long way toward keeping the peace and making sure your relationship with your parents remains intact

6. Keep planning your future: Living with your parents does not mean you must not have your own goals, achieving your dreams will also make them proud so don’t give up on planning your own life well!

7. Ask them about their lives: In their present do they have fears? What brings them joy? What does a recent event remind them about? In their past how were their high school days, ask them about their first job and having you etc!

8. Pray together: Parents are the ones who taught us how to pray, going to church with them will be like reliving your nicest times. Praying together will also bring peace in each others hearts

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9. Eat together: Whether or not you have a job, whether or not you have a date, whether or not you are free make it a point to eat atleast one meal a day with your family. Nothing bonds like a good conversation over food!

10. Define your own space: Once all the above are achieved in some ways you can also expect your folks to understand how they must let you be in your own space with peers and your own life, this will help you have a life apart from your parents making you more world-ready!

Don’t forget, God made parents cause he could not be everywhere!

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Parent Child Relationship

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