Much Surprising News of ‘Holy Mother’ Turned Sofia Hayat Tying Knot with Romanian Fiancé

Fantastic at shocking people, Sofia Hayat had shocked the world 10-months back, with her spiritual makeover.But now the actress is all set to get married as she got proposed by her man, after a week of dating. We must say she has made some quick decisions in the recent past. From shedding her alluring image to turning into a nun, to getting back to her alluring self, to deciding to get married, all in a span of 10 months, Sofia has been making headlines for most of the reasons that are very weird and bizarre. She had also got into legal trouble for getting a swastika tattoo done on the soul of her feet, but this carefree lady is least bothered about the controversy. For now, she is happy to have found her ‘cosmic’ love.

She had made an announcement of her upcoming wedding bells but refused to disclose any further details. In fact, she was so secretive that we didn’t even know the identity of her fiancé !  Recently, after breaking the news of her engagement on instagram ,the British Indian singer and actor gave several significant details to media.

In an exclusive interview with ‘The Times of India ,Sofia also revealed the name of her would-be husband. She said, “Vlad Stanescu is an interior designer from Romania. He is extremely creative and so talented. He has worked on palaces for His Majesty King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, HRH Queen Silvia of Sweden, HRH Prince William Duke of Cambridge, HRH The Sultan of Brunei, HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Nasser bin Jassim Al Thani of Qatar etc. He is a true gentleman. He Is a very old soul and behaves so beautifully.He always pulls out my chair at dinner,opens car doors, never asks me to meet him somewhere , instead he insists on coming to me in a car,opening the door,  dropping me off.”

Upon being asked who proposed to whom, Sofia says it was mutual.

“He said to me,l love you so much that I would marry you now,  I said YES,  he then formally proposed and I said YES,  two days later we got a ring.”

Awwww…..this is so freaking b’ful , isn’t it??

When asked about her wedding date, she said: “We are getting married on the April 24 this year. Our ceremony is the blessing of all as one, Hindu, Muslim, Gnostic, Christian, Buddhist and Tibetan. The all, true divinity by an ancient Egyptian High Priestess who served me when I was Goddess Isis. We have already had our Islamic wedding.”

When she was asked about what her Prince Charming does for her, she goes on to talk about Vlad’s best quality that makes her fall in love with him each day and stated:

“I have never met anyone who has such love and respect for female divinity. He surprises me with flowers every other day, brings me little gifts that mean something, writes little love notes on rose petals for me to find. I look into his eyes, and I see me. He makes me feel that I am the most beautiful and perfect woman. His energy and heart are so pure and loving. He does not have any other emotion except love. He reflects my heart as I do his.”

Even Sofia’s entire family admires Vlad as much as Sofia.

Sofia received a lot of negative comments from online communities in the past. She does not pay much attention to them and has this to say about her haters“It is their (negative) energy and not mine, they created the hateful comments,  they are the creators of that, therefore they are that which they create.”

A year ago Sofia had transformed into a nun , renouncing worldly pleasures like marriage and kids , . She had decided that she won’t have sex and will never get married.When asked what inspired a change of heart, this was her explanation :

“I did not have a change of heart. At the time, that was my truth, now this is my truth. I was not lying when I said that. That is what I was then. An easy way of explaining this is, some people get married because they love that person, then some people get divorced because they no longer have that love for that person. That does not mean they were lying when they first fell in love.”

Our heartiest congratulations to this beautiful couple .We wholeheartedly hope that Sofia Hayat has a wonderful nuptial ceremony and a very happy married life.

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Much Surprising News of ‘Holy Mother’ Turned Sofia Hayat Tying Knot with Romanian Fiancé

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