Long Distance Relationship: The Reality

Do you ever feel there should have been someone who told you the reasons why they call long distance relationship difficult? Do you want to hear about the real issues instead of having someone tell you that everything will fall in place no matter what!? Well Revive Your Relations has heard your wishes! Here is a brief of everything that makes it so grungy, that all of us would rather break up than be in one such relationship.

Nothing Physical: So even though we have skype and all the other mediums of communication. Do any of these replace an actually touch or a hug for you? No, not really. Not being physically with each other is one of the most crucial hurdles in a long distance. Everything including kisses and flowers and gifts will become impersonal, online or plain virtual. You are more in a relationship with your phone, iPad, laptop, computers than your beau!

Believe but how: How do you know that he is really at office when he says so; how do you know that she is actually with her girls on a day-out or on a date with someone she might like! Unless you have immense unbreakable-in-any-situation trust you should not give in to such an arrangement in a relationship. Trust is one thing, an LDR requires blind faith. And sometimes you make a belief bubble around yourself about the well being and honesty of the other person.

New people: Now that geographically there is so much distance, you and the other person is liable to have new people, new friends in each of your lives. Since your work place/ colleges are different you now have friends of your own, things you share and do with them similar your partner has them too. It might be a difficult to understand and accept the concept of your lover spending all their free time with someone you do not know.

Paradigm shift: if you have been living at one place and have had a routine relationship, where now either one of you need to move out deciding to continue the relationship the shift is going to be real tough. If you are the one who moved out, you will have to invest time and energy to make yourself fit in the new surroundings and new people with constant fights on the issue- ‘Everything is now about you and your new life, you forgot me etc’ Where as if you are the one who stays in the same place, it’s so much worse! You walk around the same blocks you both walked hand in hand in. You have to go to the same hangout place with friends now without your partner. You both are forced to live the life of a single person trying to mingle etc, but emotionally share the connect with your current partner.

This shift stands equally true when you decide to put an end to a long distance relationship and start staying in the same locality/town. In all these months/ years you had friends and other people you hung out with, went to movies with, did shopping with, took favours from for handyman’s jobs etc. When your partner comes in, each movie, each shopping trip, most weekend evenings will be reserved for couple time putting one of you in an awkward place with your friends and well wishers!

Meaning to say that and Long Distance Relation is difficult when you’re in it, as well as when it gets over. We all need a period of 2-4months to fully adapt to the change whether near or far. But none of that means to say that LDRs don’t last. There are approx. 14 million people in long distance relationships most of them are going strong and they choose to focus on the Love they share rather than the difficulties they face.

Do you believe in long distance relationships?

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Long Distance Relationship: The Reality

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