“Kindness is the new sexy” And with this, sexy Emilia Clarke clarify feminism with a new approach!

Seen flaunting her strong side and claiming the rights in throne in one of the most popular TV series, “The Game of Thrones”, Emilia Clarke, our own ‘Khaleesi’ is born and brought in a fairly good environment where gender inequality didn’t existed.

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Emilia was asked by The Huffington Post to guest edit their Women’s Day edition and she penned down a beautiful post including her journey In the industry, how she sees the world and what’s her opinion on gender equality.
She said, she got a favorable atmosphere in her home since childhood and there wasn’t any crying over the gender biasness. Being a daughter, she was never treated any less than her brother as her mother’s career was given equal importance as her father’s and this made the situation pretty equal in house.
As a kid she was told that men and women are just human beings and there’s nothing in this world which a woman can’t do but as she grew up the situations were quiet different with the rest of the world but Women are doing a great and courageous job in proving their capabilities to the world.
Being a superstar, Emilia said that some times she feels guilty as she thinks she is not doing her bit in changing the world for a good cause, to stand up for Women rights and support the idea of feminism.
So, guest editing the All Women Everywhere edition of The Huffington Post UK is a task which she took with maturity.
She believes that she is a powerful figure in the industry and that gives her privilege to be heard, to be given thoughts to whatever she says and she wants to justify this position by constantly making changes which can strengthen the idea of feminism and wash out the gender inequality as she is a woman herself and she knows how it feels to face such issues.

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She even agrees that once in a while, she doesn’t get treated the way she should have been just because she is a woman, and sometimes she is just used to as a good marketing technique.
She has been seen naked in the popular TV series, “Game of Thrones” but she doesn’t think that there is any need to justify any move of hers as she is an independent woman and can do whatever she likes or wants to do.
She believes that world can be a better place to live If we replace the idea of hate with love and not only momentarily but every single day and one could combat gender biasness with the idea of kindness. It may seem a dull concept but it’s after effects are amazing. You can light up someone’s day within minutes by being kind cause sometime all a person wants is to be heard, understood and loved and  it would automatically lighten up your mood too and that’s damn sexy.
You can always make other feels that they are equal, their efforts count and that’s what defines kindness. Just imagine a world where everyone is kind and loving towards each other. Won’t it be beautiful to live in a world which is free of chaos and full of peace?
It not only makes the others feel good it would act as a bliss to your own soul and you could observe the positive changes in yourself.

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You would feel happy and delighted as you are the cause of someone’s happiness.
She finally added that she hopes her voice would be heard and she would be able to change the thinking and perspective for a better cause and remove the gender inequality prevailing in the society.
Well, we can just say Emilia has taken a great initiative and we hope it turns out to be effective, Cheers..!!

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“Kindness is the new sexy” And with this, sexy Emilia Clarke clarify feminism with a new approach!

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