Kapil Sharma: The man you know, the journey, you don’t, From favorite of all to a self-centered human, he lost something valuable

It’s been quite a long time when, a middle-class boy from Amritsar participated in a comedy show and made place in heart of millions of folks by his amazing skill to make situation a bit light and humourous.
Yes, we are talking about, “king of comedy”, Kapil Sharma. Who knew the same lad, would rule the era with his talent. It almost took him a decade to climb the ladder of success and just few moments to fall from the same.

He made his entry at the time when our screens were always decorated with singers, singing in their top notches or dancers, tapping their legs on stages. And just like that he started an era, an era of comedy. The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, where Sunil Pal, Raju Srivastav and Ehsaan Qureshi were gathering the crowd, this man came and created a whole damn place in everyone’s heart with his wit and untouchable comic timing.

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Then came Sony’s Comedy Circus and as expected, Kapil continued his successful journey bagging awards for winning most number of seasons and the skill he showcased, we sigh in relief, for we got someone to cheer up our bad mood.

With Comedy nights with Kapil, the man did something unexpected, he made an empire out of scratch, the fame and power which probably became the reason for his downfall. What he forget in process was, he wasn’t a one man army all the time, his show would not have been so successful if he didn’t had support of whole cast who were standing stiff with him in his good and bad times.

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From a school going kid to a grown up man, everybody got their share of interests in “Comedy nights with Kapil Sharma” and a big credit goes to whole crew and not just him. The show sometimes got objectionable content but he shrugged off the controversy and kept up the pace.

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His appearance on various award shows, press conference and many more spoke of his success and ineffable love people showered over him and it didn’t matter what came in the way, his fans and supporters always got his back. Well, his image seems deteriorating since the news of some dispute between him and Sunil Grover have accelerated.

Reportedly, he used some Ill words for Grover which resulted in Sunil quitting the show and in support of Sunil, many other members of the show have decide to leave the show. These were the people who helped him in making his show, a successful one, there weren’t always good time but they stuck like a family. They did everything and anything until one day, they felt hurt and disrespected.

Kapil Sharma, who gained the respect working hard for Number of years, is losing it with the blinking of eyes.
The Man of humanity, The Man who understood the pain of a common man has now became a man who

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Kapil Sharma: The man you know, the journey, you don’t, From favorite of all to a self-centered human, he lost something valuable

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