Indian Harvard Student Writes An Apt Response To PM Modi After He Mocked The University Economists And Credible Academic Institutions

An Indian studying at Harvard University, Prateek Kanwal, has written an open letter to the Prime Minister with his point of attack being Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election rally in Uttar Pradesh last week, where the PM mocked economists and reputed top-notch universities around the world, like Harvard University

Prateek Kanwal is a native of Chandigarh and is pursuing a Master’s Degree course in public policy at Harvard University .His letter to PM has been released online and has gone viral.

Source : financialexpress

He said  that Modi made these remarks at an election rally in Uttar Pradesh last week, while Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan was addressing  with the students in Harvard University, urging them to collaborate with the government adding that various alumni of Oxford and Harvard are already there in Ministries and Modi’s Cabinet.

Prateek Kanwal said that PM’s jeer at top-notch institutes will not help India. He mentioned how he plans to come to India on graduating, but if students like him are insulted in such a way, then they might end up isolating themselves from India, and settle over abroad.

Armed with the latest GDP figures, Modi recently made some eccentric comments on the country’s leading economists, and  purposefully involved his predecessor Manmohan Singh for his low growth comments on demonetization.

“Big scholars, some from Harvard, some from Oxford… Some said there will be a drop of 2 percent in the GDP, others said 4 per cent drop (after demonetization)… But the country has seen what the people from Harvard think and what hard working people think.” Modi had said.

Kanwal further added, “To develop a country as diverse as India you will need the help of people who bring a different perspective to the table. Mocking economists and credible institutions will only isolate us from the world.” Prateek depicts himself as a “hardworking Nationalist”,“We are trained in the ‘evidence-based learning’ approach, which helps in designing and implementing policies effectively so that disasters such as demonetization can be avoided. The  demonetization plan could have benefited the country if the government used an ‘evidence based learning’ approach”. Now ,that’s a major burn for Modi and the government. We wonder how our PM will react once he comes across this letter.

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Indian Harvard Student Writes An Apt Response To PM Modi After He Mocked The University Economists And Credible Academic Institutions

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