“I Refuse To Be A Victim Of Bullying,” Bipasha finally opens up about the London controversy

Just a few days ago, Bipasha comes in limelight when she got stamped as ” Unprofessional” for backing out from a ramp show at the last minute.
Ronita Sharma Rekhi, the talent scout of the show posted a rough post about how she was supposed to be the showstopper at the India-Pakistan fashion show in London but ditched them in the Showtime to which Bipasha responded by saying the lady is a “con person”.

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She said that a lot has been said about her behavior and she has been portrayed in a wrong way since a long time but now it’s enough and she came up with what really happened in London.
She is in an Industry where gossips are aired but she is shocked as she didn’t expect such a baseless scenario to be created and used against to hamper her image.
She says she wouldn’t want to get to their level but the situation needs to be cleared as she couldn’t imagine that the defaulters would act as victim after doing the damages and what’s worse is even some media segments are supporting it which doesn’t feel good.

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Opening up the whole case, she says that organizers were the first timer in London, the deal which was signed was bounded by some terms and condition while the moment she arrived, the organizers failed to keep their promises even when everything was fair from her side.
This agitated her and made her feel cheated and disrespected. For her, her self – respect is not something to be traded for.
As soon as she landed London, she did the hotel bookings and all the necessary arrangements but as soon as she got to know about the situation she felt she was been conned.
She added that never in her life, she was in such a careless situation and being a popular figure in Bollywood, she instead of creating a chaos, she chose to back off silently which was put forward in a disastrous way.
She said that she understands some people are disturbed by this but for her self-respect is at peak and nobody has the right to play with that and if someone adulterates the terms and conditions than it is understandable to be moved out from the deal.

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Also, she took her manager’s side and said she received some blue news from her home and it made her go back instead of the idiotic and illogical reasons being reported.
She finally added that being a celebrity is hard cause they are soft targets for the fraudsters and can easily damage their hope.
She just hopes that people make a right judgment and not get brainwashed by some illogical comments or posts.
From her comment, it’s clear that this situation would not end anytime soon as this has given a whole new twist to the story.

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“I Refuse To Be A Victim Of Bullying,” Bipasha finally opens up about the London controversy

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