How do you know when the “I love you” is not real

When we are putting ourselves out there in the Love game, when we give our heart for someone to take care of it we all go with the belief that hopefully this time it will all go well. It will all be true, real and Forever.

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What happens when things are not exactly how you would wish them to be, what happens when you feel that these are signs you should not ignore, Revive your relations went out and figured top 10 behaviors that you should keep a watch on when in a relationship.

  1. Someone rightly said If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were. Have you ever initiated a break up and felt like the other person was actually waiting for a chance to leave? if you let them go and they don’t even try to stay you know the feelings were untrue.
  2. We have always been the ones that support taking efforts in a relationship, but efforts are one thing and doing everything possible and still not being able to sustain the bond is enough reason to walk out that door. Some things need to come just naturally, if you need to work on conversations and just being together it’s not an OK sign.
  3. Take out the Sex and you are Zero. if you are in a relationship where everything is only physical, you may think that the passion and chemistry is what you will always need, but there will be a point where all you would like to do is talk and that’s when it might hit you that it was never meant to be.
  4. Much wants more: Situations where your partner is being needy is not a bad sign at times, but if it becomes a pattern and all they are doing is using you for emotional support and comfort, find out if you are a rebound partner. A relationship requires both partners to be giving emotionally and if one is always in a much wants more situation and not willing to offer the same when you need it, you need to get a reality check on what’s probably happening.
  5. There are those bonds where you are completely yourself and then there are those where you are not comfortable being yourself in. The people who you can’t share your achievements with thinking that they are judging you or critically analyzing you at all times is not a place where you thought you were heading to when the relationship first started. A bond where you can even shamelessly boast about yourselves as well as motivate each other says that your feelings for each other are exactly how they set out to be.
  6. If you constantly feel that the relationship is right where it started and has not grown or gone anywhere towards progress it might not be real or forever. A 4 relationship moves and transits into one phase to another, growth is as essential as just feeling good about one another. Think about it.
  7. If there is not enough engagement or involvement by your partner in your life he/she might not be in the relationship for the right reasons. your partner needs to be interested in the things you do, the people you love even the meals you skip etc. The details is what makes the bond grow stronger.
  8. Another biggie that shows that either of your feelings is not real is when you see an expiry date on your relationship. If you can see an end to your affair and your OK with it, something is not right.
  9. It might sound very films/novels inspired but it is true, When you see the absence of a spark or the magic from the very beginning don’t invest your time, heart and soul into this one. If you don’t feel butterflies every time he is downstairs waiting at the door for you or you don’t feel blissed out when you hear her laugh, it’s not a real one!
  10. The one thing that should make you want to take the highway, the one thing you wish no one ever has to feel is when your partner doesn’t mind seeing you hurting or crying. If he/she can value his/her anger or ego to a level where they can walk out on you when your crying or hurting it means there is absolutely no emotion here. and you should under no circumstances be with a person who can hurt you or make you cry.

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We fall in love, and the world should turn upside down. The things we feel should make us smile at the random-est moments in the day. If these small little bookish things are not happening you know that they do not mean their “I love you” each time they say it.

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How do you know when the “I love you” is not real

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