F#ck the Society, start living for yourself

When was the last time you did something because you wanted to do it and not people wanted you do it? When was the last time you laughed out loud and had an awesome day instead of constantly struggling to pass yet another boring day of your life? When was the last day you took some time out from your “busy” schedule and thought about the things that really makes you happy?

I don’t think you remember any of the days, because of a simple reason, who have stopped living. Accept this fact my friend, you have really stopped seeing the things you did when you were young and naive. You were as carefree as a bird but with the time you have just become a caged bird. Listen to us and start living your days as if you would die tomorrow.

Listen to your heart, it must be in left but it is always right. Stay away from people who tell you, you are too old to do something. Play Street cricket if it makes you happy, blow colorful bubbles if it provides you bliss, pass a smile to stranger. Do every fucking thing which makes your day a pleasant one.

Take a step forward and fight for your dreams, because only you know their worth. Do things out of the box. Don’t let some creepy mindsets stop you from reaching the stars. Set your goals so high and unrealistic that people laugh at you, burn your ass, conquer those “unrealistic” dreams and let your success laugh at them. Just ignore what people say think or say about you, yourself worth is more than it.

Make time for your hobby and don’t forget reading good books. Remember, a book is a person’s best friend. Plan some unplanned trips, go to the other corners of world, Try some adventure sports, date a Stranger, kiss a bar tender and live your life without giving a damn. Don’t judge and don’t let people judge you.

You have been given only one life. Why waste it thinking about the people and situations which are not providing you any kind of happiness? Just get the fuck out of your comfort zone, show a middle finger to the world and do every damn thing you want to do. Life is too short to be living in regrets.
Better “oops” than an “what if”

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F#ck the Society, start living for yourself

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