Fix Yourself From A To-Be-Broken Relationship

I’ve always wished for a preview button on relationships, like when we are about to download a song we can click preview and know what it’s going to be like. Similarly what if just before going into a relationship you could see a clear preview and save yourself the trouble of going through the mess all over again. So here are the top few signs that mean “Escape” from the relationship. How to truly fix a to-be-broken relationship by stepping out of it gracefully.

To all of the women who stumble upon this article: read these and give it a real hard thought. If these are anything close to the person you are with, Let him go, this might not be what you wanted all along.

1. You have never been on a real date: So you guys hang out together, either one calls the other and meet up unplanned, impromptu whenever one gets time. A movie, a casual coffee, or meeting just before going home from work. If he has never planned a special day or night without your input, picked you up, opened your door and whisked you away, then you have never been on a real date. It need not be expensive or fancy just thoughtful.

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2. He does not have close friends: Friends are the best way someone can connect to you, when you see him with friends observe the tiny details, do they share a warm hug? Or a weak handshake, do they talk about anything more than girls, cars, sports? Is their equal give and take in their bond? If he does not have at least one or two real close friends it is a big red flag!

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3. No entry into the family: He always has a reason to not take you to his parents or has never brought it up. Meeting your partner’s family is crucial to the relationship. Seeing him around his parents will help you know the relationship they share, his childhood and how he is likely to behave in front of your family.

Source : news.americanbible

4. He’s a mind gamer: If everything wrong is somebody else’s fault, if he exaggerates or hides details or lies, then he’s making it pretty clear that either you wont be there forever hence he does not need to be honest with you. And will probably blame you for everything messed up in the near future and will not man up and clear the mess. If he backfires every argument on you and puts the blame on you, he loves being a victim. A man of dignity apologizes instead of playing victim.

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5. His words clash the actions: If he can pour his heart out to you on texts, but just cannot say ‘I Love You’ ever, even if he feels it. If he can claim to be there but has been the first one to reach you when you’re unwell or in an emergency then, you need to get out of this! They say you need to be with a person who believes on you more than you believe in yourself. And men whose actions don’t match their claims are certainly not those.

Source : relationshiprewind

6. ‘Making love’ not ‘having sex’: Physical intimacy is supremely crucial to a relationship. If he thinks kissing you for a minute and ripping your clothes apart and getting to the act is the way to do it you need to ‘RUN’. A man who loves will take time to hold you, caress you, and make you feel sexy in every way known to him. It is not about the act it is about making the bond stronger, then that’s the man you have been waiting for all your life.

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7. Tears over smiles: If you ever had to make a tally sheet on the number of crying moments versus the happy ones, you know you need smiles over tears to continue being with the man and if it is the other way around, being more submissive or giving it more time will not helo. Sometimes it gets only worse. The primary reason why two people are together is because they make each other happy, and no matter what you cannot forget this.

Source : psychologytoday

If he does not bring a smile to your face and to your heart every day and he is not smiling back at you—move on.

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Fix Yourself From A To-Be-Broken Relationship

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