Embarrassing day for Indigo Airlines as a Pilot was caught red handed for covering up some other Pilot

The incident that happened in Chennai Airport last week would leave you in surprise when an Indigo Pilot was accused for delaying the flight because of absence of his Co-Pilot and putting all the blame on Air Traffic Controller.
The latter has given clear instructions to the Indigo, not to misguide the travelers and put false blame on them.
After the incident, it’s been reported that Indigo has sent an email to all its pilots guiding them not to repeat such a thing in future.

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The departure of Indigo flight 6E-859, operating on the Chennai-Madurai route, had already been rescheduled to 1225 hours from 1145 hours, which was informed to passengers via text message.
Coming Back into the incident, the Pilot wasn’t aware of the fact that one of the ATC members was present in the plane while he made the announcement that plane was delayed because Air Traffic Controller was not clearing the aircraft’s and it all led to the turmoil.
In response to the announcement, the member called the ATC asking for the reasons to which ATC responded there was no problem from their side, not only that, they told that PIC has not even asked for a push back from tower controller.

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The ATC then meet the PIC, to his surprise he didn’t found the Co-Pilot anywhere near his seat. The Pilot was then accused for making a deceiving statement, unnecessarily blaming the Management and hampering the reputation of AIC in presence of public leaving the PIC embarrassed.
The Pilot in Command apologized for such an act and delay which is caused by the absence of Co-Pilot.
The captain, while monitoring ground frequency noticed there was ramp and air congestion prevailing on other aircraft and it gave him an excuse for making up an announcement citing the same. But, it wasn’t successful as ATC came and the captain has to make a second announcement, apologizing for the delay and told the real reason behind that.
ATC also said they would have appreciated if the PIC has handled the issue in a matured way and instead of putting the blame on and intervening with operating crew just before the flight as they were supposed to take care of the safety issues.

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Embarrassing day for Indigo Airlines as a Pilot was caught red handed for covering up some other Pilot

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