Dad Daughter Relationship

5 reasons why there is nothing as perfect as father daughter relationships.

In a million ways we have a heard of a daddy being a daughter’s first love. He is her hero, her all time advisor. He is her go to when Mom does not approve. They are those we have the craziest memories with fights to long hugs. In an ode to this relationship, we at ‘Revive your Relations’ found the top 10 reasons of this amazing bond.

  1. He is our favourite teacher:

Source : sweetsharing

We love our daddies because he taught us so much…riding the first bike, Making sand castles at the beach, standing up against the bully at school, choosing the right guy in high school, dealing with our first heartbreak to driving and getting into the corporate life! Without priceless daddy lessons these things wouldn’t be so iconic in our lives.

  1. Piggyback rides:

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Dad comes home from work tired as hell and the one thing that doesn’t fail to refresh him is his angel’s smile…and when she asks for a piggy back ride with that cant-say-no-to-eyes he forgets everything and takes her on him! Since the time girls were at the age of piggybacks dads were OK to take them on their shoulders to the time when anything would go wrong. Girls always have their Daddy’s back.

  1. Forehead Kisses:

Source : mediaresources

Amongst the million reasons we have to love our dads, there is some things so comforting about their hugs, pats and forehead kisses…when moms and relatives would reach for the cheeks somehow dads always reach for the forehead and it means so much more. So much so that when later in life you find a man who gives you a securing kiss on the forehead you feel the protection of a father. Think about it.

  1. Anything-for-my-girl:

Source : photographyblogger

Dads don’t mind letting daughters paint their nails, posing for silly photographs, acting all cool, dressing up according to their taste, spending a fortune (sometimes), cracked stupid jokes, dressed up in fantasy costumes, could make you smile at any time with his style, letting go of their own dreams just to get their angel to be happy always. Haven’t all the fathers done one of these?

  1. The aisle walk:

Source : huffpost

When every girl is said to have dreams of her wedding, one of the most emotional part is when the father walks her down the aisle and gives her away to the man she loves. The slow walk with that soothing music can bring tears to anyone who ever lived that moment earlier or cant wait to live it.

Its only a fathers love that can make an ordinary girl believe that she is a princess!

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Dad Daughter Relationship

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