Chapter 2: Tale of Tears and a Tiara

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She was pulled, dragged and put into a casket. She was still breathing, they could not wait any longer. He ordered the men to shut the lid and lay it in the dug up ground. She woke from her unconsciousness and gasped for some air. Not being able to breathe she called out to her loved ones, mom, dad, him, anyone..someone!! On hearing her yell he told the men to hurry up and put sand over the casket, fill up the ground and leave her to die. She was breathing very heavily with loud sounds in the desperate attempts to find some oxygen, continuously trying to push open the coffin but the sand over it was too much, and tears rolled down her eyes. Her sister saw how she was crying in her sleep and shook her out of that nightmare.

Another morning she woke up crying as deeply as she was while going to sleep. Her sister had tears too this time. She did not want to share her nightmare, she tried to forget it and actually breathe in an open space. Attempts to cheer her continued at home as her brother brought home the prettiest flowers out there for her. Flowers always made her smile. She smiled. She was frantically trying to get through him, he promised he’ll be home on time today, the candles were burning out, and the door bell rang. He walked in, in a haste, did not notice the flowers and told her to blow out those annoying candles “It’s a house, not a hotel/spa”. She said “Haanji (a polite yes in hindi) they were just to surprise you, for…” he did not let her complete and said “I’m going for dinner with a bunch of friends, do you mind fetching my things till I take a shower” There wasn’t much time to have a discussion, he hurried out and came back late into the night a little intoxicated.

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They did what any other married couple does and he dosed off facing away from her.

Her brother said “Di, do you like the flowers?” breaking her out of the flashback. “Yes” she smiled and caressed the flowers and moved to the living room of her parent’s house to find a vase. It’s a normal day, her siblings were off to college mother is busy cooking, father is at work, and she is at home figuring what needs to be done next. Her best friend called like every other day and they agreed to meet over coffee in the evening. Coffee has always been her weakness, she thought it was ideal to catch up, unwind or just have fun. Her failed attempts to meet her friends for coffee while at her husband’s had started bothering her, for no reason really the day never came where she could go catch up with some friends over a cuppa. Nor did that day come where he took a break from work to take her on an impromptu coffee date. Courtship was different, they did not hesitate to meet over coffee, at the nicest places, at the weirdest timings. He’d lost interest in her after the wedding, she kept trying hard each day more than the previous to make him want her as much as he did earlier. Things were only moving in the wrong direction. In all these thoughts she called to cancel her coffee outing with the bff. “I dont think I like coffee anymore” she said and hung up.

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Not everyone gets to live the life they always wanted. All she wanted to be was somebody’s better half, all she wanted to achieve is the undying love of a man, her husband. That’s all that did not happen. And the best part is there is no real reason. He just didn’t happen to fall in love with her. A reason that she did not want to understand. A few days later was her birthday, she knew things were going to change and he was going to do the most romantic things in the world, every time she heard him speak to his parents or his siblings, she assumed they were planning a big surprise. And for once there was a big one.

Was her birthday exactly how she imagined? What happened then for her to be separated? Her belief in him was too strong for things to break, then why are they not together? Find out in the final chapter of ‘The tale of Tears and a Tiara’. Coming soon only at Revive your Relations.

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Chapter 2: Tale of Tears and a Tiara

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