Chapter 1: Tale of Tears and a Tiara

She ran till her feet bled, through weird trees and roads unknown. She knew stopping even for a moment could mean being caught and dragged back. She could not take it any more, so ignoring the pain, ignoring the fear and not thinking about consequences she ran. The voices behind her became softer as the voices in her ahead grew louder, ‘Where are you off to? What the hell are you going to tell your family? Is this what you really want?’ More questions, louder noise until she heard voices blending into loud rings…The rings of her alarm clock.

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Another nightmare, another spoiled morning, another day of self analysis lay ahead of her. Dreams of her perfect fairytale life had been shattered when she came back to her parent’s house 6 months back. It was nothing short of a movie-like wedding, ideal locations, the food, the clothes, jewellery and the works…Little did she know it was only matter of a couple of months till this whole thing would seem like a nightmare instead of a dream come true. As she brewed coffee this morning she thought to herself for the umpteenth time, what really went wrong for her to end up like this?

It was a great reception; the guests could not stop praising the arrangements; her cell phone continuously received messages for the next two days while she soaked in the afterglow of living her lifelong dream. In a honeymoon suite with the man of her life, enjoying lavish brunches and laying in bed all day. Life was going to be more than perfect from this day she remembered thinking to herself.

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The phone rang breaking her flash back; it was her best friend checking on her for the first of the following ten times in the day. It was now like a routine for friends to call, for relatives to do a motivational speech, for random pep talks coming in from one and all. She said, like every previous day in the last 6 months “I’m fine, don’t worry about me…” She took another sip of the extra strong coffee,

One of those days she had said to her man “I’m so happy I have you, I know I need nothing else cause you’ll always be around” and he merely smiled, she remembered brushing off the thought of him being so inexpressive. It was one month since the big fat wedding, she had done up the entire house with exotic flowers and special aroma candles in her room in celebration of the same. He called and said he’ll be coming home early today. And he did.

How did something that set out to be so perfect land up being such a mess? If this what she always wanted, what drove her back to her parent’s house? Can marriages have an expiry date too?

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Chapter 1: Tale of Tears and a Tiara

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