Can It Ever Be Too Much? A Mother And Son’s Bond

The relationship a man has with his mother determines what he thinks of himself, and of women in general. A mother and son’s relationship directly affects yours and your partner’s relationship; the way you handle certain situations as a couple, the way you make decisions, the way you manage your household and of course the meals you cook!

A mother is the first woman of a man’s life, she instantly becomes the one stop solution to all problems at the same time the one stop for unconditionally love and support. A man always dreams of having his mother and his love interest to be on good terms and more so men would sometimes land up with partners just like their mothers!

There can be three scenarios where Mom and son relationships define the son’s future relationships:

  1. Strained Mother-Son bonds: Understanding the difference between him and his mom can better help you know how to understand their bond—and hopefully maintain something of a relationship with the mother yourself. Issues with the mother might result in intimacy issues. If the case is that of a sibling rivalry where your man never got the spotlight due to a sibling his entire life might become about proving his worth to earn his mothers attention. Hence he’ll need you to never shadow him and be expressive about a friend or a colleague. That will not result in peaceful outcomes. However , it can also be a relationship that got estranged over the years in that case you must encourage a reunion of sorts and helo him rekindle the his childhood bond with the mom. That will make him more peaced out about his status with his mom and also earn you brownie points.

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  1. When you are the ‘Other Woman’: Most mothers can feel like you are stealing away their baby, changing them and separating them from the mom. The attachment is good but when it leads mothers to such thoughts the scope of you having a harmonious relationship with your spouse/partner goes out the window because then he is torn in two parts trying to keep the both of you happy! The only sensible thing here is to have a one on one chat with the mother on how you feel and calm her down on how you understand the mother-son equation. If you see your man torn apart this may mean that he was dependent on her for everything small and big and you may need to remind him that it is your opinion that is needed now not his mothers atleast on how he dresses and the household chores! If he always needs his mother’s input, he may never look to you for decisions, or to himself. That’s a big red flag. If he can’t make his own choices without her guidance, he may never grow into a man on his own accord. He won’t trust himself, so he’ll feel asking his mother for advice is the only way to go.

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  1. When you are expected to ape the mother: Moms with only sons have a tendency to habituate them to her, from cleaning up his plates after a meal, to laundry, to everything else. If the man has never really had the idea of not having his mother around, when you come in you’ll be expected to do just that. It’s your choice if you want to baby him, but you should probably sit him down and tell him you will not continue supporting lazy behaviour, no matter what his mother has done in the past. Refusing to talk it out will only build tension in the relationship, and things will probably blow up further down the line. Because what starts with doing her chores will eventually lead to “why cant you be like my mother” and no woman would like to hear that line!

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Can It Ever Be Too Much? A Mother And Son’s Bond

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