Awesome Has A New Name “RISHHSOME”

Rishabh Rana, popularly known as Rishhsome among the youngsters, was born on 22nd January 1996. He is an Indian actor who appears in his self made short funny videos, mostly known as vines. Being the creator of the very famous YouTube channel Hasley India, Rishabh is making people laugh since June 2016. Earlier he was a CA student but dropped the course in mid session and began making vines. At that time it was a tough decision but also a sudden choice made on the basis of his talent.
That choice proved to be extremely beneficial for him towards the path of gaining endless fame, because in just a time span of 8 months he gained more than 137k followers on Instagram and over 380k followers on Facebook.

As we all know that talent and hardwork always pays off, and something similar happened with Rishabh too, due to his wonderful talent and a high spirit towards working hard, he gained so much love and popularity from his fans that he was invited as a guest in various events like the Instagram Meet held at the Manav Rachna International University, followed by, the DCAC DU Fest, where he was called as a judge.

Life and Career:-

Rishabh Rana was born on 22nd January 1996, in a Jaat family, to Dinesh Rana, who is an educationist and Balesh Rana. He has two elder sisters, Ritika and Aayushi, both of them work in the corporate sector. He completed his school education from Shree Ram Shiksha Mandir School, Delhi, and is currently pursuing his BCOM (hons.) Degree from an institute as prestigious as the Delhi University. Earlier he was pursuing Chartered Accountancy Course but then he realized his major talent and began making vines, and he was so good at it that in today’s date, he has thousands of loving fans.

His main moto is to make people happy and making them laugh is one of his favorite tasks. As we all know that a happy person is the best company, and Rishabh understands this thing very well. Hasley India has more than a lakh fans and followers and people are extremely happy with his vines. Rishhsome is soon becoming a celebrity name these days. The topics his vines are made on, are nothing to offend people’s opinions, those are just to make them laugh. Laughter is something which can never hurt anyone, so his vines too are just to overjoy the viewers. After a long and stressful day, Rishhsome’s vines are the absolute cure to take away the stress and tension from your mind. Making someone laugh is not an easy task, but Rishabh Rana does that very efficiently and effectively, which obviously states how talented and focused he is. He is well aware of the real life happenings due to which his vines are something which people can easily relate to, which makes them all the more funny. Rishsome will continue to make people happy always.

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Awesome Has A New Name “RISHHSOME”

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