Are You Also A ‘Passive Aggressive’ Person

Relationship advice for men and women also includes some topics that might force them to question their own behavior and if manipulation was the only self check you thought of here’s something many of us land up doing without even realizing. Passive aggressive is indirect expression of hostility, unhappiness. It includes procrastination, deliberate inefficiency another things that are indirect ways of showing anger or non approval.

After a thorough study on passive aggression the revive your relations team shortlisted three levels to be aware of. These can apply to your own or your partners behavior.

Level 1: Warning signals:-

Source : activia

Temporarily agreeing to everything you say. If your partner seems to say yes to everything you ask for but invariably delays the actual act of doing it you might wanted start looking for more signs of the Passive aggressive trait. Procrastination. Eyes rolling or sighing on every request you might make can all be tell tales towards a bigger unhappiness. Do you think your giving out such signals too? Pretending not to see , hear, follow something or even giving the silent treatment are all a part of this trait.

Level 2: Deliberate Inefficiency:-

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When you do things incorrectly only to make a point to your partner like leaving a mess in the kitchen after being asked for a sandwich as you know cleaning up after is your partner’s task to do. Leaving the car with no fuel/gas even when you know it will make your partner late for work the next day or other things to subtly get back at them for not doing something you’d like! Intentionally creating harmless little little issues just to make them suffer add up to passive aggression.

Level 3: Building up the issue:-

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When you are confronted with increasing issues, you deny of anything being wrong and let the issue just build up to something bigger because you do not want to be seen as mind game player or anything worse. Sabotaging a presentation, ruining a surprise, or just not co-operating to take hidden revenges is the ultimate level of passive aggression.

Above and beyond all of the mentioned passive aggression can be pathological and be a personality disorder. At that level a person might even resort to self destructive ways of expressing issues or anger. But at a micro level passive aggression is a result of men and women having an irrational expectation of their partner to simply understand what they want. Neither of you will become the smaller person if you directly say things like “I’d like you to remember my birthday or get me a gift once in a while which will make me feel special” it will eradicate all the stress of a fight, all the negative emotions and all the time you would rather spend being in love.

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Are You Also A ‘Passive Aggressive’ Person

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