Appearances Are Deceptive…. For Sure!

As I was struggling to cross a busy road in the morning, a middle aged shabbily dressed gutka-chewing man walked towards me as if about to say something. Of course i was bewildered and had started to feel uncomfortable… when (to my utter surprise) he, in a very impressive tone and fluent English said, “this is a bad patch, isn’t it? Don’t worry… Just tag along!” And (shamelessly) i did tag along..Only to get a brief nod for my “thank you, sir!” (Said with a broad grin)

Three realisations that hit me then –

1. Looks are deceptive and appearances misleading

2. Small gestures of random help bring the brightest smiles

3. I will always suck at crossing roads!

Whenever we meet someone for the first time we always make a judgment based on their appearances. Appearances are really deceptive; it’s like a wrap of a sweet. I believe that everyone at least once in his/her life unwrapped a sweet in a bright paper but instead of a chocolate sweet found there just caramel. Or vice versa sometimes a really tasty candy is hidden under very unattractive wrapping paper. The same I can say about people.

It’s better to stay neutral until the moment when you can say for sure that you know this or that person pretty well to say he is a person who deserves (or doesn’t deserve) faith, understanding or attention.

That is why, I say – Appearances are truly deceptive. And there is a famous proverb saying “All that glitters is not gold”.

So in every walk of life, one should always remember that outward appearances may not always be the truth and act accordingly. There is a well-known expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover” means that we shouldn’t judge other people just by what we see on the outside.

From my incident, I have learnt to take into considerations the inner beauty of people and not just their deceptive outer beauty as well as to not judge one by his/her appearance.  So do not think that what you look like defines the person you are. One can look all that smart and intelligent but she/he may not have the brains (just saying *wink*).

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Appearances Are Deceptive…. For Sure!

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