After “Life of pie”, now Suraj has geared up for his new movie, “Phillauri”

Anushka Sharma’s home production, a sweet ghostly movie, Phillauri is all set to rock the theatres. When the trailer was out, the first thing which grabbed the attention of millions of people was Suraj Sharma of The Life of the Pi,  playing the role of a confused, teen NRI who just returned to his country  in search of a bride. The movie revolves around the typical over-excited Punjabi family but what added cherry to the cake is Suraj’s character. The young age lad, all goofy and chilled who loses his head as the story unfolds.

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In the first scene itself, he was shook as he was told that he had to marry a tree, just because he was a mangleek. The poor boy thought it was a joke and burst out laughing only to realise folk out there were serious and the story continues when he encounters the friendly ghost, Anushka Sharma and could not understand what the hell was going on with him. The scenes look damn funny and it just shows how matured he has become after his debut movie and he still got a long way to go.

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Amidst all those awesome technicalities and work by Ang Lee, his amazing acting skill somehow got overshadowed but the movie got carried by Sharma’s sincere anger which he uses to scream at Richard Parker (a tiger) and marks his territory in that small life-boat. He also looks on helplessly as the Royal Bengal tiger quietly walks into the wild, without looking back. It won’t be wrong to say that he was an inseparable part of the movie and his acting took it into new zenith.

His journey continues as he made a debut in Disney’s typical, feel-good Million Dollar Arm alongside Jon Hamm and left everyone awestruck with his brilliant performance in the presence of stars like Pitobash Tripathy.

Sharma’s next big assignment came was the fourth season of Showtime’s Homeland. Starring alongside great actors like Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin and India’s very own Nimrat Kaur, Sharma did a full justice to his Pakistani character, Aayan Ibrahim. Sharma literally came off age in the TV show as he found brief, romantic interest in Claire Danes’ character.

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When everyone was busy chasing the roads to Hollywood, if felt great and heart melting to see our desi boy starting a new journey from Bollywood.

Coming to Phillauri, the movie has got all spicy elements, like comedy, romance, horror and what not. This young lad is lucky enough to share screen with diva, Anushka Sharma and Handsome, Diljit Dosanjh. He has gained a lot of fame internationally and we just hope we continues his brilliance in future too.

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After “Life of pie”, now Suraj has geared up for his new movie, “Phillauri”

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