Advice on Basics of Relationships

Relationships and their functions can be varied, when you ask somebody how would they like their relationships to be the answer will be a few basic points like respect, trust, love, compassion etc. Today we thought of giving you the most commonly wanted signs of a good relationship.

Perfect Timing:

In the relationships we build many times we hear people saying that right now is not a good time because stress at work, financial issues, health issues etc. Unfortunately a perfect bond does not need timing, two people can make a happy adjusted couple and they can chase away their troubled times together. Nothing is a good time or a bad time, if you are meant to be. Any day is perfectly OK.


One of the most wanted aspect is the want to be completely yourself with the person you love. Being in that comfort zone where you know you are not being judged or misunderstood and no matter what you do, you are already accepted. This is the one thought everyone craves to live with.



It was weird to know that people considered it really important to get an intuition about the relationship they are getting into. If there is constant worrying about insignificant things in the relationship, then you need to stop and reflect.  When you’ve met the one, there is less anxiety about the relationship. The bond that is meant to stay leaves you with the no-anxiety feeling, a strong gut feeling is therefore needed.


If there is drama, yelling, shouting, scene creating etc. It often does not last long cause either of the party gives up on dealing with it. Hence another sign of a good relationship is where conflicts or differences are handled delicately and like mature adults and not by throwing tantrums. In any case there is so much stress in life nobody would want a person who only increases it.

You remain you:

If you find yourself changing your priorities in life to accommodate another person, it shows that you’re giving up your own importance and needs. This can amount to you getting carried away in the relation. In the long term, this won’t work well. Only a bond where you get to remain yourself and prioritize your life also would be a happy and successful one.

If there actually is a bond where you have all the above mentioned features and you are still in two minds, this person you have is for keeps don’t let them go. Whether a best friend, a cousin, relative or a lover. With love, care and respect these are an updated basic requirement list.

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Advice on Basics of Relationships

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