“Acting isn’t the only thing…. Travelling and exploring different places is also something I love the most, “Says Nargis Fakhri

American model and actress, Nargis Fakhri boldly speaks out and tells that acting is not her life as she also has an extreme passion for travelling and exploring different places which seems to be super exotic for her. Spending her life on the sets of the films is not her only aim in life as she wants to pursue other things as well. The 37-year-old actress says she  wants to meet new people and learn new things. Nargis quoted in a statement to PTI ,”Acting is not the only thing…I want to do a lot in life. When you are on sets you are always acting you are not interacting with people in life and not learning anything new. There is so much more to learn and do different things in life. I want to balance things by doing acting and other things.”

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The actress completely loves and enjoys the fact of herself being a public figure but travelling and exploring different places is her passion. She  further added,”I am a different person. I like to cook, plant flowers and travel. I like to live life. I want to explore other things but not related to cinema as such. I would want to be a public personality on television or do something different.”

The actress has now decided to go slow after doing back to back films like ‘Azhar’, ‘Housefull 3’ and ‘Banjo’ the previous year.

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Nargis, who was there at the launch of her own app the last evening, said, “Last year I did four films and it’s damn tiring? I will never do that again. I will go slowly now on. One film a year will be amazing.”

Nargis talking about the advantages and disadvantages of being on various social media platforms said, “The positive side is you see you are so popular. I did not know I was so popular. I felt I am like a regular person and nobody likes me. But when I see social media and the good comments and when I go out and people talk sweet things to me, I feel overwhelmed. There is a negative side as well.” We wish her all the luck and May she turns outta be successful whatever she does.

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“Acting isn’t the only thing…. Travelling and exploring different places is also something I love the most, “Says Nargis Fakhri

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