A Self dependent guy won’t even demand a penny from his In-laws during his Wedding

I got a tight slap across my face as soon as I said, “Accha hua rishta toot gaya, they just wanted a fat wedding and heavy money as dowry and not my sister.” Reason? I talked openly about the filthy mentality towards Dowry!

Let me first explain what Dowry Is? It sums up to any kind of consideration whether it is Cash, Commodity or any Vehicle, Girl’s Family offer to Boy’s Family, allegedly, “Out Of Love”, while in reality is nothing but pure money which is demanded by Boy’s Family loud and clear on wedding. Yeah, and we were proud of our Culture..!

The situation has seen some improvements but there is still a long way to go. People need to understand that giving your precious daughter to someone she or you barely knows is the biggest sacrifice itself and engaging themselves in this dowry thing is a disrespect not only to them but to our culture too. For god’s sake, Marriage is not a business transaction; it’s one of the most beautiful moment of Someone’s life while two souls finally decide to become one.

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A guy Matured enough would never ever demand even a penny from his girl because

1) He is in love with her, not her money or power. Love can’t come down to such level when you need to bring money in between.

2) He must be Self dependent, which means he can earn, take care of himself and his future wife and ensure a good future instead of begging money for the same.

3) He must be understanding enough to respect the fact that it must be very tough on her as she is the one who’s leaving her everything just for him and opening up even the topic of money could make the already sensitive situation a bit more problematic.

So, Girls out there marry someone who is genuinely interested in you and would accept you the way you, and your financial situations are.
If you are already engaged and now came to know about his wicked intentions, “Bhaag lo, abhi bhi time hai..!”
You are not married yet, just use the situation wisely.

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A Self dependent guy won’t even demand a penny from his In-laws during his Wedding

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