7-year-old boy dies and then doctor finds a note in boy’s hand that breaks my heart…

This is a narration about a little boy with a not so little heart. This is about Ivan, but that’s just a name for a million like him who go through the same nightmare everyday. While this story is imaginary , its message hit me right in the heart. We must not go on. We must not forget Ivan.

My name is Ivan and I’m 7-years-old. I love my mom and dad most in this world but I can’t make them love me. They hit me often and I don’t know why. This morning I woke up and went to my school. I am an obedient student and my teacher likes me. I am fond of all of my classmates, too, but they don’t seem to like me. I don’t have any friends .So, I usually stay in class only during breaks. Nobody wants to play with me. I tried to be friendly but all rejected me because they thought i was disgusting. They make jokes about me because I wear the same t-shirt, jeans and torn shoes every day.

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One day after school I went home alone through the snowstorm and hail. I was feeling shivers all over my body. It was hard to walk against the strong wind. Suddenly a jerk came and pushed me forward, I fell down in the snow and my face was pressed into it. Then they said : “No one likes you. Stupid!”

They kicked me in my stomach and left me in the cold snow. “Where have you been? Why are you so late? Why are you so filthy and wet? no food for you, go to your room.” I went into my room, following what she said and did not get out until the next day, although I was starving and freezing cold.

My grades got worse than ever before, and every time dad got to know, he hit me really bad. Once he hit me so badly that I could not move my index finger even a bit. As a result I never got back the movement in my index finger and all the children again made jokes on me for it.

Time passed by and I started having a lot of pain in my chest. The next day at school we were asked to paint our biggest wish. The other children painted cars, video games, rockets and nice dolls. But I didn’t. Not because I didn’t want those things, but because what I dreamed most of all were loving parents. So I painted a family. One mom, one dad and their son. They played together, ate together and everyone was happy. I cried in a corner too.

When it was my turn to show my painting to everyone, they laughed at me. I stood in front of the class and explained:

“My biggest dream is to have a loving family”. The laughs got louder and louder. I began to sob and said, “Please don’t laugh at me, this is my biggest dream! You can hate me for being disgusting but I beg you, please don’t laugh at me. I want parents like you have, that hug and play with me, who pick me up after school and are excited to see me. I know I’m ugly and weak, I know I have a finger that don’t move but please don’t laugh at me.”

Source : poaldn

I think some children stopped, but many continued to laugh. One day when I got a test back, I immediately saw that I got less marks. I knew my mother would be very disappointed from me. I walked home, but I did not want to reach. My mother became mad again. She holed me and threw me on the floor, I hit my leg on a chair. Then she slapped me thrice. I just sat there, I could not get up. It really hurt and pained. But mom just left me there lying on the floor. I begged Mom not to say anything to dad, but she didn’t respond.

Then he arrived and immediately mom told him about the test, he pulled me up from the floor, he shook me and hit my head. I don’t know how a kiss from my mom feels like. My parents just beat me every time, but I love them anyway. I’ve always tried to do good but that’s not enough. Suddenly I got pain in my chest again. I told my mom – but she did not give any attention to it. After sometime, I had to go to the hospital, no one came for me.

Source : poaldn

The doctor said that mom and dad would probably come the other day, but they did not. I waited for them the whole day but nobody came. But I still love them anyway.

Two days later, Ivan died because of constant injuries. In his hand, below the crooked finger the doctors found a note that he had written . “Dear mommy and daddy, I’m really sad because I’m ugly, disgusting and idiot. I’m sorry because I can’t be a good son and you can not love me. I never wanted to disrespect you. All I wanted was to get some love and hug from both of you. Dad I just wanted you to hold me and play along with me. I just wanted to know that you loved me once. I know I’m a disgrace for you. I will never be what you wanted as a son .”

Then Ivan’s little heart stopped beating. This story was originally written in Russian. I’m not sure if it’s true.

All children are made to be loved. Still child abuse happens every second, every minute, every hour and every day. In all countries, all cities and all schools. A child’s home should be a place where he is loved enough and nurtured. It should not have any sense of violence. Children need affection, tenderness and love. You need to motivate them and preserve their innocence.

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7-year-old boy dies and then doctor finds a note in boy’s hand that breaks my heart…

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