6 Unavoidable Dating Rules

Hasleyindia could de-mystify the dating game! Thankfully, just like sports and gymming and fashion, dating we found out has some fundamental rules too! Below listed are the top

6. Dump the past:

Don’t say bad stuff about your ex, do not get into graphic details about your one night stands, you have a past she has one too. Getting into the absolute details of how-what-why-where will only make room for judgement and baseless jealousy. Your past relationship details must appear like your job experience is written on a resume, speak of the best parts, achievements and most briefly about why you left!  Don’t try to dig your partners past either. It wont do good in any way.

5. Keep Safe Distance:

Being over enthusiastic about meeting, initiating all the dates, calling, texting, bbm,  facebook chatting etc. are not sending out the right signals. Everybody likes space and the first few weeks of the relationship is where all the judging happens. Dont initiate meeting more than 3 consecutive times, wont you also like the feeling of being approached once in a while? Space gives felings more room to grow.

4. Compliment lots:

With all the mind games and expert tricks and tips for dating many of us tend to forget the good whole act of ‘complimenting’.  When your partner just like you takes efforts to put together clothes, hair and shoes etc to look great for you, you must appreciate. When meals are cooked, places to hang out are suggested, movies are picked, gifts are given, or smiles are shared any reason can be reason enough to say positive things to each other to boost morale of the individual as well as being together. If she/he brings you laughter, happiness, beauty or satisfaction in bed it definitely deserves a compliment.

3. Do not get too comfortable:

Lets say things are finally settling, either you are spending 4 nights a week at each others place or either of you have moved in now would a test of time and all those tricks you pulled earlier. Getting too comfortable applies to you not bother to clean up, dress up, stay fit, be healthy, be enthusiastic, make plans etc. The time you start letting yourself go on these things prepare to make things go downhill! Personal hygiene, fitness and efforts are the only things that cannot be compromised with.


2. Do not mislead:

Nobody likes to be taken for a ride, on a path which leads nowhere. If for any reason you don’t feel like this is going to work, or something just does not feel right do not make the other person a part of your confusion. Nobody likes to be kept hanging about the future of a relation. Either it can be worth working for or something you don’t feel enough about. Stay clear of your intentions and confusions if any from the very beginning, with everything else in the world hurting people’s hearts you don’t want to be another reason right?

1. Keep Faith:

In the dating scene a few things never change not every girl you approach will show interest, not every interest will land in a good date, not every good date will lead to a fulfilling relationship and even if it does go through all those stages it might end terribly. But none of that means there is any reason to not keep faith. Faith, that dating is not only for fun but also to discover yourself while finding “The One” for you.

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6 Unavoidable Dating Rules

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